Our employees are as diverse as our products.

Dr. Ralph Sattmann, Head of Technical Customer Support


The diversity of our workforce – in addition to the diversity of our products and our markets – is a significant success factor for Heraeus. We have created a work environment where you can thrive and do your best – a workplace that is free from discrimination, harassment and disadvantage.

As a family-run company for 160 years, Heraeus has been widely admired because it has been guided by strong, family-friendly values. Our company is built on respect, not only in relation to each other, but that commitment also extends to our business partners and customers. Integrity, honesty, dedication and respect are not just words at Heraeus. They are the very values that guide us every day.

We believe every one of our approximately 14,900 employees worldwide is unique. They bring their talents and expertise to their work, and their cultural differences broaden our organizational perspective. Our global work teams not only drive our success, they enrich our company.′

Heraeus can offer you the opportunity to enrich yourself professionally as part of a diverse and progressive organization. At Heraeus, we believe diversity is not just important in terms of race, gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual identity or disability, but extends to the diversity of opinions. Our culture is built on collaboration and respect; to encourage innovation, best practices and entrepreneurship, every employee is expected to respect the ideas and viewpoints of others.

Maintaining a diverse and respectful workplace is a priority at Heraeus and reflected in our Corporate Guiding Principles. This Code of Conduct applies on a worldwide scale to every Heraeus manager and employee and emphasizes our commitment to fair and impartial dealings with one another. Heraeus offers all employees the same opportunities, regardless of their gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, disability or sexual identity. We hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards of tolerance, openness and respect in every aspect of our conduct.